Max visited the dentist for the first time today.  What a milestone!   I hoped it would be a great experience, and it was, mostly thanks to Cole’s influence.  Cole has loved the dentist since his first visit a few years ago and talked it up so well to Max that he did our job for us!  Max has actually been jealous and asking for his own visit!  He acted like such a big guy today, opening his mouth, using the water sucker, and following every direction.  Oh!  I can’t believe he’s so big!

And since I’m on the topic, a few other milestones I’m looking forward to in the next few months…Zeke walking and facing forward in the car, Max joining his first soccer team, Chris graduating from business school, me training for my 2nd Indianapolis Mini Marathon, moving to a new city (still unknown…), and Cole starting kindergarten.  These days are truly flying!

One thought on “Milestones

  1. Corinne recently visited the dentist for the first time, too. But she wasn’t nearly as excited about it as Max…I think I would have hired Cole to come to our house and talk it up if I had known how much Corinne would not like it! I LOVE Max’s big cute smile in that photo. Way to go Max (and Cole)!

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