Posted in February 2011


I love technology for this reason…live streaming of the space shuttle Discovery’s final flight on NASA TV. I loved spending yesterday afternoon that way! Advertisements


Zeke is getting so big! He stand, waves, drinks from a cup, and even sweeps the kitchen floor with a broom! Well, he spreads the dirt around…


I have a love-hate relationship with the stuff!  Love the kid.  Don’t love the extra laundry or the mud-clod trail leading to the bathtub.

Top Ten

The Top Ten Reasons Why Black Beans and Rice is my Favorite Meal On the table in 15-20 minutes Simple directions Ingredients are always in the pantry Meat-free and very satisfying All three kids devour it Super cheap Easy to tailor to varying tastes Very healthy Makes enough for lunch the next day Stands alone…no … Continue reading


We are itching to move our bodies around here!  Winter has been loooonnnnnggggg. I captured Max running around the backyard this afternoon.  48 degrees.  So refreshing! Cole stretched his legs in a new way the other day.   Oh, the flexibility! Zeke’s favorite way to move around lately is this tractor.  He pushes it all … Continue reading

Broken Glass

Zeke pulled over the floor lamp in our living room the other day, and it shattered.   I scooped him up and found no glass wounds, thankfully!   As I hugged Zeke, the scene in the living room reminded me of the list of things in our house that have broken or been sent out … Continue reading

Good Saturdays

Saturdays are good days. Today we played Cafe Frank.  I bought a big, cheap container of coffee grounds and let the boys make lattes and cappuccinos.  Dry, of course.  I’m not that brave.   We are not coffee drinkers, but I’m considering converting thanks to the decadent aroma that filled our house for hours today! … Continue reading


We made collages today, mostly with things from the pantry.  I bet you can guess who did the collage and who ate the goodies! Max rarely takes a nap anymore.  It’s not because he won’t sleep in the afternoon. Oh, he will!  For 2 hours sometimes.  The problem comes at 8 p.m. for bedtime.  If … Continue reading


It’s time to hunker down on Dekist Street.  The ice has come and IU classes are cancelled.  Anne and I are excited and the boys are ecstatic!  They’re really hoping for a power outage and Anne is obsessed with concern over a tree in our front yard that she thinks is going to fall.  I’m … Continue reading