Good Saturdays

Saturdays are good days.

Today we played Cafe Frank.  I bought a big, cheap container of coffee grounds and let the boys make lattes and cappuccinos.  Dry, of course.  I’m not that brave.   We are not coffee drinkers, but I’m considering converting thanks to the decadent aroma that filled our house for hours today!   The boys’ comments while playing were priceless, too.  “Mommy, here’s a hurricane coffee.  It’s a special Valentine’s Day drink.”  “Mom, you can also buy our drinks online.  Just go to the website.”  “The customers are coming!  The customers are coming!”  The last comment was my favorite.

We also pulled a huge box out from our basement storage room today.  All-five-of-us-could-easily-spend-the-night-in-it-huge.  A great left over from our move home from Austria.  C and M easily spent an hour camped out in it.  Pillows, blankets, and headlamps.  That’s right.  Headlamps.  Santa brought matching red ones.

The last thing we did was rearrange the living room.  My favorite hobby!  We took a break in the middle of moving furniture, though, to roll a bunch of balls underneath the couch long-ways.   Works especially well when the couch is your living room’s centerpiece.

Maybe the best reason for good Saturdays, though, is that I’ve been going to a pilates class at a local studio.  One hour of pilates equals a wonderful breath of fresh air in the midst of this snow ice snow ice and snow.   Not to mention a (hopefully…) stronger core.


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