This Week

Nasty sinus colds attacked Chris and I this week.  His is mostly gone and mine, well, it’s still attacking.   We are so grateful to my mom who drove down, played with the boys, and did laundry and dishes!   We ventured out for a walk in yesterday afternoon’s sunshine, too, which was refreshing.  C and M loved to take turns choosing which direction we walked at each intersection, kind of like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” walk.

Aside from sickness, a few other things are going on this week.  I deactivated my Facebook account.  Lots of reasons, really.  I can tell you, though, I have way more non-internet time now and I feel way more free.  I’m not against technology.  I have an iPhone.  I just think FB is not the best technology for me.  Also, Chris is packing for a two-week trip to Ghana with other business students.   He’s been working on a marketing project for a Ghanaian jewelry company since January.   Cole is counting the days until his 5th birthday.  23 days from today.  He keeps asking whether I remember the items on his birthday wish list.  I do!  Max insists on wearing Crocs every day now, even though the temps have dipped back into the 30s.   And Zeke, he’s in that wierd phase where he sometimes sleeps in the morning for an hour and sometimes he doesn’t.  I’m sure he’s days away from walking, and the other day I forgot to re-lock the cabinet under the kitchen sink and I found him trying to spray the all-purpose cleaner.  Sneaky little dude!


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