Posted in April 2011

Rainin’ & Tomb Rolls

It’s been rainin’ a lot here lately.  It hasn’t stopped us from getting outside, though.  It took some convincing before C and M decided that playing in the rain was, indeed, fun!  Outside is so green and refreshing now too!  The boys’ green bean and nasturtium seeds are thriving in their egg cartons, soon ready … Continue reading

Princess Visit

Two sweet princesses came to visit on Friday night!   Cole and Max love these girls, and their mom, Mindy, has become a dear friend of mine over the last few years.  Both of our husbands are in school full time, need I say more?  So on Friday, Mindy and Kevin went out on a … Continue reading


Yesterday’s sun was so warm!  We couldn’t resist pulling out the pool for the first swim of 2011.  Cole and Max jumped right in despite the freezing cold water, and Zeke, well, caution won and he never really made it in.  He splashed a lot, though!


Chris and Cole worked so hard on Cole’s rocket that I needed to add just a few pictures of the event.   Cole launched the rocket twice on Friday night, and both times it soared higher than he expected.  Not high enough, though, to need the binoculars he borrowed from our neighbors :). The weather … Continue reading

Hanging Eggs

All three boys suffer from seasonal allergies on some level.  It’s the cost of living in Bloomington, they say.  Some days they bother, and some days they don’t.  Today is a bothersome day, so noses run and sneezes spray and in general everyone is foggy.  Perfect afternoon for something low-key.  A friend mentioned this project … Continue reading

Indiana Spring

Max, Zeke, and I spent the morning at the Clear Creek Trail the other day.  It was quiet, peaceful, and very warm!   Max has turned into a speedy bike rider, pretty much leaving me in the dust the whole time.  We stopped for a snack and a drink on a bench, and just enjoyed … Continue reading


The big boys and I planted green bean and nasturtium seeds today in empty egg cartons.   C and M did all the work and were very focused!   It’s so much fun to get dirty and do spring things.  We also spent some time after lunch collecting sticks from the back yard and raking … Continue reading


                        So this weekend Max decided to paint rocks, but instead ended up painting himself!  Zeke spent a lot of time knocking down our amateur block towers, and Cole and Chris spent a fair amount of time working on a model rocket.  The sun … Continue reading


              Boy, did Zeke love the cake!  He dug right in.  Made himself right at home.  Didn’t even have to cut him a piece.  He grabbed it and smashed it everywhere.  And he didn’t even look up to see our response!  A perfect happy happy birthday to our sweet … Continue reading