Lately, we’ve been…

climbing everything

practicing to be a quarterback

 working as a team at the water table

running up and down a big hill in our neighborhood over and over again (in jammies!)

pitching tents and hanging out in them

Life is busier than ever these days!  Zeke has upped the stakes around here…that’s probably why!  I found him on top of the kitchen table the other day smiling at me.   Eek!  He’s quite the climber. Thanks to warm weather lately, we’ve tried to stay outside as much as we can.  Snacks, swinging, chasing, grilling, water, mud, bubbles, chalk, kickball, you name it.  Chris’s parents arrive from California on Wednesday, and graduation is on Friday!  The homestretch is here!  Chris has a paper and two finals left, not to mention the ever-demanding job search.   He’s focused and very hard-working, and we can’t wait to celebrate him this weekend!

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