Posted in June 2011


              Max is definitely a climber!  We visited my parents for the day today, and he wasted no time.  There is a perfect medium-sized maple tree in my parent’s front yard that Max shimmied up and down several times.  One time he made it so high that his head … Continue reading

Summer Time

summer time is about spending lots of time with friends at the parksummer time is about learning to eat your weight in watermelonsummer time is about climbing dirt hills and up on top of bulldozers when the workers’ days are throughsummer time is about learning to draw silly faces summer time is about visiting the library … Continue reading


The boys’ spring effort has given us beans!  We picked a bowl full this afternoon and can’t wait to eat them for dinner.  Steamed, with just a touch of honey.  Mmmm!


These kids are hilarious.  Just hilarious.  They love to dance on the ledge outside our back porch.  Zeke danced while eating graham crackers, of course! In other news, we’ve had a rough couple of days.  We were hopeful that Chris would get a job offer from a company in Louisville, KY, after going through three … Continue reading

Zip Zip

I found a new blog that I love!  It’s called Made by Joel.  It’s amazing!  Last night, when I should’ve been sleeping, I was browsing all of the fun toys and activities that this guy Joel has created, mostly from household items.  I hoped that Cole and Max would love this zip line, so we … Continue reading

It’s Gone!

Cole’s first tooth came out yesterday.  Oh!   He slept with Chris’s tooth pillow and the tooth fairy left him $1.  He came into our room this morning with his dollar and 7 pennies from his piggy bank.   He asked if we’d take him to the Dollar Tree today so he could spend his … Continue reading

Mr. Popsicle

One of our favorite summer treats is homemade popsicles.  We made our first batch a few days ago, and wow, did Zeke love it!  Let’s just call him Mr. Popsicle!   I just blended up frozen fruit, plain yogurt, spinach, and orange juice and poured it into popsicle molds. Those are long gone now, and … Continue reading


We made boats out of aluminum foil the other day.  We sailed them in the pool on our driveway, and then we guessed how many pennies would make the boats sink.  You can imagine the thrill of dumping pennies into the water!

Snack Stations

My mom, my neighbor Dorothy, and my friend Mindy all have heard my latest sob story. It’s the story of our grocery bill!  It continues to increase thanks to three little boys’ seemingly infinite hunger.   Truly, I shrugged off the advice given to me when we found out our third baby was a boy. … Continue reading