Bye Bye Preschool

Preschool ended on Thursday.  It has been such a fantastic year!  Cole’s teachers, Kristin and Betsy, invested so much into their class.   I loved so many things about this preschool, but I think my favorite thing was the way the teachers adapted each week to what the kids were interested in.   It was all done through play, stories, and hands-on activities. He never once brought home a worksheet.  The kids learned about volcanoes, bugs, dinosaurs, space, gardening, nutrition, art, you name it.   When I asked yesterday morning, Cole told me that one of his favorite things at preschool was the salad spinner. You put a paper inside, squirt paint on it, close the lid and spin!  Beautiful artwork!   Before preschool, Cole was never interested in imaginative play.  Before preschool, Cole wasn’t confident when playing with other kids.  Before preschool, Cole didn’t think of others as much as he does now.  And before preschool, he didn’t know Karim, Jack, Ross, and his other buddies.  What a difference a year makes!  He’s now such a big guy.  He’s growing out of his clothes, his teeth are wiggling, and he regularly asks for a peanut butter sandwich at bedtime because he’s still hungry.  He eats dinner, too!  I promise!   I am so thankful for this year of preschool.  It was perfect for Cole.  Bye bye, preschool! Hello, Kindergarten!


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