Shoot ’em!

Shooting and hitting just comes with the territory.  Whether it’s a stick, an orange cone, a broom, a hand, or a real gun.  There’s always someone or something to hit or shoot down. Part of the DNA, I think.  So since there’s little way around it, we encourage it.  It’s okay to hit a baseball, a pillow, the ground, or the playset.  It’s not okay to hit people or living things.  It’s okay to shoot the house with a water gun as long as the windows are closed. So the other day we made a game where you shoot down plastic containers.  We even kept score each round with chalk on the sidewalk.  Cheap fun on a hot day!


One thought on “Shoot ’em!

  1. Thank you for posting again, Anne…..I’ve missed seeing your blog pop up on my google reader…seems like it’s been awhile. I always enjoy your posts although it makes me realize EVERY time how NOT creative I am. I guess my kiddos are several years older but I think they’d love some of your “little guys” activities anyway!! 🙂 Have a wonderful summer!!

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