Snack Stations

My mom, my neighbor Dorothy, and my friend Mindy all have heard my latest sob story. It’s the story of our grocery bill!  It continues to increase thanks to three little boys’ seemingly infinite hunger.   Truly, I shrugged off the advice given to me when we found out our third baby was a boy.  Stock your fridge!  Get ready!  They’ll eat you out of house and home!  Well, folks.  The time has come and taken me by surprise.   I have to buy at least two loaves of bread, several cereal boxes, and what feels like the whole produce section just about every week!   So, thanks to a tip from my friend Mindy who pointed me to Real Simple magazine, I set up these snack stations last weekend.   One for the fridge and one for the pantry, both easily reachable by little hands.   The goal is for Cole and Max to head to these stations when they are hungry between meals instead of asking me.  Peace!  I was skeptical at first.  After a few days, though, they’re settling in and I’m convinced!


One thought on “Snack Stations

  1. Anne,

    This reminds me so much of summers in Forest Hills when our kitchen was packed with little kids.
    I would stock the lower and reachable shelves of the pantry and fridge/freezer with snacks they could have anytime- without asking me! Those are the days I used to wake up and say ” I am not the Mom today.”…….so they could decide when and what they wanted. Of course it did not take them long to figure out that I still was in charge because the snacks were reasonable and healthy…looking just like your snack station!

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