Summer Time

summer time is about spending lots of time with friends at the parksummer time is about learning to eat your weight in watermelonsummer time is about climbing dirt hills and up on top of bulldozers when the workers’ days are throughsummer time is about learning to draw silly faces summer time is about visiting the library and bloomington bagel and not worrying what time it is

summer time is awesome!  a few other highlights…

cole can pump his legs on the swing now!  he is also super interested in numbers and math.  zeke can say more words including ice, door, cracker, uh oh, hi, and mama.  he’s been saying daddy for months!   we’ve been taking lots of neighborhood walks and reading lots and lots of books thanks to our library’s summer reading program.   chris is still on the job hunt, and the big boys are taking swimming lessons next week.  summer time sure is full, and it’s lots of fun too!



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