The boys and I took a walking/biking trip to the fountains at the IU School of Music this morning.  It was Zeke’s first time playing in the water…the fountain is a giant!   Afterwards, we drank lemonade on the bench out in front of The Copper Cup, and then headed back home.  Despite the heat, we had a blast together!  I loved it.  It’s on mornings like these that I realize the value of repetition with kids.  I don’t mean repeating your phone number or multiplication tables, yet those are valuable.  What I mean is I’m learning that kids thrive when given the opportunity to read the same book over and over, visit the same spots over and over, and have the same kinds of fun over and over.  All the while mixing in new things, too, of course.  Our boys love the IU fountains, they love reading The Berenstain Bears and the Green-Eyed Monster several times each day, and they love that they know the way to Kroger (if only they could drive themselves…).  We take the same handful of walking routes around our neighborhood, and we go to the same cottage in Northern Michigan every summer.   The boys have a growing sense of ownership over these experiences, which build their confidence and fill their little minds with a positive perspective about themselves.  And they start to ask about and look forward to these things too.  For this reason (among many others!), it truly is a blessing to stay here in Bloomington!


2 thoughts on “Valuable

  1. Anne…. God had truly given you the gift of ‘Motherhood’! You are sooo in tune with raising your boys and what they need. Fred and I couldn’t be happier knowing our grandsons have such a wonderful mom! We love you…. Judy

  2. adorable! and, yea, your right! that the moments are valuble! and before you know it, thy will be going to college! (and thats fast. i mean, it seemed like summer vacation began just last week, and my first grade year was only about a month ago! time flies!)

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