The Last Week

We’ve been counting down!  No more weeks left until Kindergarten.  During this last summer week we did some fun things!  We went hiking at Lake Griffy.  Cole held Zeke’s hand (during the 50 feet I let him walk), we saw lots of animals, and burned a lot of energy in a shady quiet place.  We’ve been working on the boys’ room too.  The painting is finished, and now for the putting-it-back-together stage.  Zeke’s crib fits perfectly in the closet, right?  We took the doors off (because they broke…) and are being creative to save space.   We also scooped and sorted dry noodles this week.  Chris and Cole went out after dinner one night to play chess at a local coffee shop, so the littles and I pretended to make wonderful feasts with our pasta.  Zeke is just entering the fascination of dumping and pouring, so this was a perfect way to bridge the gap between dinner and bedtime.  Yum!


One thought on “The Last Week

  1. Hey! Im 99% sure that Zeke is using the kiddie chopsticks that Gammie Gammie got for you guys a little while ago at the bowers museum! cool!

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