Posted in September 2011


Life has been so refreshing lately.  I’m so thankful.  We’ve been busy, but not so busy to feel overwhelmed.  The good kind of busy.  We’ve had a few more camp fires.  C and M have been riding bikes a lot, and M is riding with no training wheels now, too.  He’s only 3, but the … Continue reading


We wedding-ed over the weekend and it was a blast!  My cousin, Laura, got married up in Northern Michigan where we spend summer vacation.   She stood in our wedding when she was a freshman in high school almost nine years ago, so it was an honor to be a part of her special day. … Continue reading

Apples & Fire Pits

Our oven broke on Thursday evening.  Our van needed unexpected work done last week, leaving me without it for two days.  My grandma was admitted into the hospital on Friday morning.  My parents were going to visit and spend the night on Friday, but that ended up not working out.  A sad beginning to the … Continue reading

Fun Friday

Last night Cole and Max stayed up late for a very special reason!  Fun Friday!  About a month ago, before school started, we took a neighborhood walk one Friday morning.  Cole said, “Hey Mom, it’s Fun Friday!”  He wanted to celebrate the weekend, so that night we had an impromptu dessert after Zeke’s bedtime and … Continue reading

Pom Poms

Pom poms were 50% off today at Hobby Lobby.  I was there for something else, but when I saw the pom poms I couldn’t resist!  I expected Zeke to dive in first (literally…), which he did, but I was surprised by Max’s interest.  Something about soft colored balls!  So easy to throw and blow and … Continue reading

Family Time

I’m still not totally used to this new schedule…Cole in Kindergarten and Chris at work, not school.  I think we all expected that with Chris working things would be as stressful as they were in school.  I’m happy to tell you, though, that we are transitioning well into this non-school life and it’s anything but … Continue reading


Zeke’s new favorite thing?  Racing cars down an old gutter piece.  After each one he says, Boom!  A few other 17 month highlights…Zeke repeats almost every word we say.  The funniest word lately is whopper, which he pronounces “opper”.  He loves pizza and walks around saying, “be ba be ba” if he knows we’re making … Continue reading