Pom Poms

Pom poms were 50% off today at Hobby Lobby.  I was there for something else, but when I saw the pom poms I couldn’t resist!  I expected Zeke to dive in first (literally…), which he did, but I was surprised by Max’s interest.  Something about soft colored balls!  So easy to throw and blow and build a mountain with!  He created a long pom pom caterpillar first and then jumped in to sorting by color and size.   Later we got out the kids’ chopsticks for grabbing, a few buckets, and various cups, and we made pom pom shapes and faces, too.   And after Kindergarten and lunch, Cole joined the fun.  The boys bartered for different colors, organized their collections, and pretended the pom poms were baby eggs ready to hatch.  Lots of pom pom fun (and learning!) today!



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