Apples & Fire Pits

Our oven broke on Thursday evening.  Our van needed unexpected work done last week, leaving me without it for two days.  My grandma was admitted into the hospital on Friday morning.  My parents were going to visit and spend the night on Friday, but that ended up not working out.  A sad beginning to the weekend, for sure.  But…

My dear friend Mindy (whose daughter is in Cole’s class) drove Cole to and from Kindergarten when I couldn’t.  She took the little boys and me to bible study and then took us to pick up our van.  The meals I had planned already for the weekend didn’t require the oven anyway so I didn’t need to spend any more money.  On Friday we got to watch Charlotte’s Web, which is special because Chris’s dad sings in that movie.  My grandma is doing much better and going home in a day or two.  My parents drove down this morning and we spent a great day with them.  Out to breakfast, to the farmer’s market, and then apple picking.  After my afternoon nap today, I went grocery shopping and bought s’mores fixins so we could toast marshmallows over our stove or grill tonight after dinner, but Chris decided instead to build a fire pit in our back yard.  So after dinner we enjoyed yummy s’mores with our neighbors.   And now I’m thinking that the weekend that started out sad isn’t so sad anymore!  Most things are not as they seem, they just need time to pan out.   We live by faith, not by sight.  Trusting that God sees clearly and we don’t have to try to.




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