Posted in November 2011


Do not let your kids try this at home. I mean, I looked away for a second (or five) and then I find these sillies doing tricks in the bath tub.  I guess I need to keep helmets in the bathroom!  I must not have been that nervous because I yelled to Chris to grab … Continue reading


Chris came home early from Thanksgiving to work on a project he’s been dreaming of for a long time!  He and our extremely generous and handy friend, Brett, and our neighbor, Dave, tore down our rotting front porch and built a new one.  It’s amazing!  It’s not complete, but it’s very close.  Hooray!   Stay … Continue reading

‘Tis the Season

Before Thanksgiving, our family headed to Target to gather goodies to fill shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child.   We gave Cole and Max each a price limit and a basket and off they went!   It was a lot of fun mixed with a few moments of “what about me?”  All in all, though, the … Continue reading

Shake It Up

Pie shakes.  I’ve heard of the fad and read about it in magazines.  Finally, I tried it.  A pumpkin pie shake!  What you don’t need to know is that I made it at 10 a.m. on Friday morning.  Hello, breakfast! Ingredients:  Slice of pumpkin pie (my great grandmother’s recipe), vanilla ice cream, and milk.  Delicious!

Movin’ On

Life has been movin’ right along around here.   Spending time with friends, to and from kindergarten, thinking about the holidays, trying to find warm-ish outside time every day, and lots of playing games and making forts.  And when the weather was warmer last week, Zeke donned a new hat!  Cole has been preparing for … Continue reading


We had a lot of highlights last week!  One, we made delicious pumpkin chocolate chip muffins.  I caught Zeke sneaking more!  Two, we made marshmallow shooters for Fun Friday.  We had fun shooting mini marshmallows from our front porch all the way out into the street!  Three, I bought a shower curtain liner from the … Continue reading

It’s November. Wow!

It’s November.  Wow!  Today is my dad’s birthday, so we met for dinner tonight.  In honor of my dad’s birthday and his upcoming retirement (more later…), a friend of his had blue bracelets made that say W.W.B.L.D.?  What Would Bob Luginbill Do?  The bracelets also say Stand Up and Be Counted!!  A typical Bob Luginbill … Continue reading