Movin’ On

Life has been movin’ right along around here.   Spending time with friends, to and from kindergarten, thinking about the holidays, trying to find warm-ish outside time every day, and lots of playing games and making forts.  And when the weather was warmer last week, Zeke donned a new hat! 

Cole has been preparing for the Drumstick Dash in Indianapolis on Thanksgiving Day (the kid’s race).  He’s up to 1.5 miles!  Sometimes he says, “Mom, let’s go for a run today.”  Makes my heart melt.   My mom and dad came down for lunch earlier this week, too.  We went to Steak ‘n Shake at Cole’s request.  After lunch, we found Zeke by the candy (which he calls “nanny”) sipping his milkshake.  Kids and sugar.  Seriously…I mean, how can this photo not turn a bad day great?  They are super cute and so silly together!


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