32 years

We celebrated my dad’s upcoming retirement today.  A reception downtown Indianapolis, complete with almond M&M’s, popcorn, cupcakes, and a basketball hoop.  My entire life, my dad has worked hard at Eli Lilly.  Lilly moved us to Puerto Rico and Italy.  Lilly provided for my years at Miami.  Lilly allowed for countless Christmas gifts, school dance outfits, new pairs of shoes, meals, and vacations.   And much, much more.   I was thankful today as I listened to friends and colleagues speak in honor of my dad and his 32 years at Lilly.   Thankful for the blessing Lilly has been to me, through my dad.  Thankful for people who value my dad and his character.  Thankful that my dad is just my dad and sets a fantastic example no matter what.  On vacation, at work, or on a regular Saturday morning.  His legacy was obvious today; impressive, full of integrity, and hilarious.  Here’s to the next chapter, Dad!


3 thoughts on “32 years

  1. Your dad is the man !! and has been an awesome example of a christian man in my life as well. I am grateful for my friendship with him!! Love your blog Anne

  2. I am emotional. Emotional about Bob’s example of years of being faithful and true at work and everywhere else; and emotional reading a daughter’s simple and beautiful tribute to the milestone. I am deeply proud to know you both.

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