Carols & Cookies (and the flu…)

Giving.  That’s what this advent season has been about for us.  At least that’s the hope! Giving brings much more joy than receiving…a lesson that’s sometimes tough, but fun at the same time.  So, in the spirit of giving, the boys went caroling with other kids from church last weekend, and we’re headed out to deliver cookies to our neighbors tonight.   We’ve made some homemade gifts, too, and we’ve spent time remembering (and acting out…) the Greatest Gift…Jesus’s birth!

And oh yes.  We’ve had the flu.  It’s just about gone now, but holy flu season!  It struck down hard here.  It took Zeke on Sunday and Cole, Max, and I all on Monday evening through Tuesday.  Chris is still healthy.  My mom came down to help.  Not sure what we would have done without her!


One thought on “Carols & Cookies (and the flu…)

  1. My friends and I just had a party together, so we decided to go caroling to neigbors! It was so fun! I thought about doing the SNC version of 12 days of christmas, buut it was too long and nobody realy knew it. We sang Jingle Bells, Silent Night, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and a bunch more that I cant seem to remember at the moment…

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