Posted in January 2012

Winter Hike

The leaves crunched.  The water dripped.  The snow sparkled.  The sticks snapped.  The muddy shoes slipped.  The eyes beheld tall broken trees and pancake-like rock stacks.  A crisp, beautiful morning for a family winter hike.   Zeke hiked almost the entire time, too. What a little hiker!  And Cole and Max found some fossils and … Continue reading


Chris is a wizard.  Did you know that?  He’s a money wizard.  He took a couple of Excel classes while at IU, and now he applies Excel to everything.  He even explored trying to study the Bible with Excel!  There are several software programs out there intended to simplify personal finance management.  Chris?  He created … Continue reading

Boot Camp

It feels like boot camp around here.  Not always.  Just the last couple of weeks.  We practice and practice and practice things over and over and over again.  Listening.  Ways to respond when you’re angry.   Speaking kindly.    Some days, though, the hours seem to drag on, filled with hitting and spitting and consequences … Continue reading


There’s some celebratin’ goin’ on in my family!  Chris and I (and a handful of others) flew to Florida on Friday to surprise my dad at a Happy Retirement Dinner…No, it was a Happy Next Chapter Dinner.  He was shocked!    Some wonderful friends kept our boys while we were away, too.  What a blessing! … Continue reading


Lately I’ve been hiding things.  I’ve been slowly slipping toys into our basement storage room, wondering if the boys will notice.  (They haven’t yet.) My reason?  Well, the boys don’t play with at least half of the toys we have.  They’d much rather play with leftover wood from Chris’s porch project, big backyard sticks, or … Continue reading

Star Noodle Soup

I am so thankful for go-to recipes that my family loves.  Star Noodle Soup is actually Italian White Bean & Pasta Soup from Williams Sonoma.  We learned it from Chris’s sister, Melissa, a few years ago, and now it’s a regular.  You’ll be happy you tried it! Italian White Bean & Pasta Soup (Star Noodle … Continue reading

Party Day!

Some sweet friends came over for Max’s Rainbow Birthday Party today!   We ate a rainbow lunch, including sandwiches, rainbow fruit skewers, veggies, and rainbow goldfish crackers.  Then we played balloon ping pong in the basement…balloons flew everywhere!  We ended with rainbow popsicles and more time to play.  We are so thankful for dear friends … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Max!

Our Max turned four today!  He is so special, so unique, and so quirky!  He’s competitive, and his latest favorite games are Spot It! and Sequence for Kids.  He has two stuffed dogs, both are named Uncle Mike.  One is naked, and one is dressed in Cars 2 attire and black shoes with flames on … Continue reading

Holiday Slack

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  We’re back from a few weeks of holiday rest.  We played Bananagram, Go Fish, Crazy Eights, and Qwirkle.  We splashed and swam and invented new skateboarding moves.  We jumped waves and dug in the sand.  We read books.  We saw lots of family and friends and decorated a lot … Continue reading