Happy Birthday Max!

Our Max turned four today!  He is so special, so unique, and so quirky!  He’s competitive, and his latest favorite games are Spot It! and Sequence for Kids.  He has two stuffed dogs, both are named Uncle Mike.  One is naked, and one is dressed in Cars 2 attire and black shoes with flames on them.  He names every pair of shoes he wears.  He’s had stompy shoes, eighty-fast runner shoes, and lightning shoes.  On purpose, he says phrases backwards.  Examples:  run waver (wave runner) and beamer sun (sun beam).  When we take neighborhood walks we often pick up litter, but Max calls it glitter.  On purpose.  He also says gessert instead of dessert.  On purpose.  We’re always laughing when we’re with Max.  His favorite things have to do with rainbows.  Favorite color?  Rainbow.  Favorite ice cream?  Rainbow.  What’s your thumb taste like?  Rainbow.   What kind of birthday cake do you want?  Rainbow!   And we invited a few friends over this week for a rainbow lunch.   We love Max’s imagination!  We love his wild energy.  We love his sweetness, too.   Happy Birthday, Max!


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