Party Day!

Some sweet friends came over for Max’s Rainbow Birthday Party today!   We ate a rainbow lunch, including sandwiches, rainbow fruit skewers, veggies, and rainbow goldfish crackers.  Then we played balloon ping pong in the basement…balloons flew everywhere!  We ended with rainbow popsicles and more time to play.  We are so thankful for dear friends to celebrate life’s big moments with!

Note:  Everyone does kid birthday parties differently.  We are very new at all of this, and I tend to land on ideas that are simple, non-messy, and that hopefully suit the kid being celebrated.  Max is a social guy and loved the chaos in our house today!  I also know that kids most often enjoy simple things that involve people, experiences, and food that they love.   I hope that in the years to come, when our kids continue to express more birthday opinions, we can stick to those simple things and that our kids will feel special and loved. How do you do birthdays in your family?  Do you have any great tips or traditions?


One thought on “Party Day!

  1. Anne….I actually got disappointed when my kids grew up as the bday parties got out of control that they went to with focus so on the wrong things…..just like your toy hiding and the verse about “…storing up for yourself treasures in heaven where moth and rust do not destroy and theives break in and steal….for where your treasure is there your heart will be also….” or something like that. Anyway on Molly’s 10th bday all the other girls were doing ridiculous limo rides and glamour shots so I decided that a bday party serving a Southside Mission in Peoria (where we lived) would be a good thing! We painted a room and had a blast! It was the kid play room. I went to Wal Mart and bought paint …yellow, pink and blue and sponges. We practiced on poster board at home. Then we piled in the van and headed to the mission. The girls loved it even though on the way they were embarrassed maybe or scared what their friends would think! When we got back to the house they did there own crazy glamour shots with a portable camera and random clothes around the house and a fan blowing the hair for effect, etc…. I dare say they remember that bday party more than any other! To this day, I believe each of my kids love to serve different ways at different places from serving different ways like this.

    Now I know you have boys ….well envision Austin mind you! We used to go to a nursing home nearby all the time. Austin’s best friends grandma was there. The girls would sing and paint old ladies nails and Austin hung out in tv room with ol men and watched sports! He too enjoyed it and sang a little but never painted any nails!

    You are a gem dear Anne or is it Ann? You are always a joy to be around, here about, etc….what a blessing you are to all your family !


    Brenda B….don’t know where this goes….hope I didn’t do something stupid:)

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