Posted in February 2012


You better believe it, folks!  Look at those silly boys.  We had a lunch picnic on our front porch today.  Barefoot!  It’s February 27.   Max wore his jammies.  Zeke stayed on the porch the whole time.  It was warm, and we loved it! Advertisements


We love cookies around here.  Too much, sometimes!  Tonight after dinner I made Cocoa Fudge Cookies, a recipe I’ve had since my wedding.   Warm, right out of the oven.  Cole makes such a priceless face when he’s genuinely excited! We let him eat three.  And earlier this week I tried a new recipe from … Continue reading

Lego Space

Cole loves Legos, and we’re learning that he’s a night owl, too.  Most nights, after M and Z are asleep, he wanders into the office/guest room and sets up shop at his Lego table.   His favorite things to build are small vehicles, space machines, or inventions created from random pieces in the lego bin. … Continue reading

Snow & A Simple Love Dinner

Happy Valentine’s Day!  We woke up to snow today.  At 8:40 a.m., the car warmed while our boys rode sleds down our backyard mini hill.  Oh, the gift of snow!  A reminder first thing on this love day of our truly clean hearts, thanks only to God’s grace gift.   And we ended the day … Continue reading


Happy Birthday to Fred Frank, my favorite father-in-law!  I’ll never forget the day I met Bubba.  Chris and I had been dating a few months when he flew from Austria to Indiana, surprised me in a local Applebee’s, told me to pack my bags, and whisked me away on a long weekend trip to California … Continue reading

Field Observations

I’m no scientist, although I did study zoology at Miami.  I’m honing my observation skills, though, hoping to better our family routine.  I’m studying the parts of our day and brainstorming ways to make them bearable (fancy…enjoyable!).   Folks, this comes on the tail of some very frustrating episodes, i.e. being slapped in the face … Continue reading


It’s been so refreshing to spend time outside in the sunshine this week!  We hooked the swings back up.  We let the dinosaurs roam in the sandbox.  We rode bikes in a big parking lot, too.  Winter will come back, I’m guessing, but until it does, we’re heading outside!