Happy Birthday to Fred Frank, my favorite father-in-law!  I’ll never forget the day I met Bubba.  Chris and I had been dating a few months when he flew from Austria to Indiana, surprised me in a local Applebee’s, told me to pack my bags, and whisked me away on a long weekend trip to California to meet his family.  I was just in time for Fred Frank’s Fiesta, his annual birthday bash.  As soon as we walked in, Bubba walked up the stairs into the entry way and shook my hand.  And since then he’s loved me as his own daughter.  I could not have asked for a more wonderful man to call my father-in-law.  Bubba genuinely delights in people, especially his grandkids.  He listens and asks great questions.  He wins games of ping pong, cribbage, and checkers almost every time.  He’s incredibly generous and thoughtful.  He makes a mean eggs benedict and delicious guacamole.  And he’s full of great stories and card tricks.  Did you know he’s an accomplished musician?  During his career, he performed at Disneyland and voiced parts in movies including Charlotte’s Web and Paint Your Wagon.   For many, many years, he performed in churches all across the USA proclaiming Jesus as Lord through music.   And so today marks the tenth opportunity I’ve had to wish Bubba a happy birthday.  A privilege indeed.  I’m ten years the better for joining your family, Bubba.  Happy Happy Birthday to you!


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