Snow & A Simple Love Dinner

Happy Valentine’s Day!  We woke up to snow today.  At 8:40 a.m., the car warmed while our boys rode sleds down our backyard mini hill.  Oh, the gift of snow!  A reminder first thing on this love day of our truly clean hearts, thanks only to God’s grace gift.   And we ended the day with a new tradition.  A simple love dinner.  I made a favorite meal (works to soften even the hardest of hearts…) and decorated the kitchen just a little.  Red napkins, paper heart garland, and candles.  Chris read love verses from the Bible and prayed for our meal.   Each person opened a simple gift, we ate, and we shared life together.  Right now life includes I Spy, the question game, highlights from kindergarten, and a run down of what place Max earned in MarioKart for the day.  And at the end of our love dinner we shared cupcakes.  A delicious tradition for the tummy and the heart, indeed.


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