Posted in March 2012

The Big Six

Cole turned six this week.  Six!  Cole picked ice cream sundaes with friends on Sunday, and chocolate mousse pie with family on Monday.   He asked for a campfire and a new IU hat, and he asked for Legos.  And that’s just what he got.  It was a fantastic two day celebration honoring our favorite … Continue reading


So the other day I found Zeke scribbling all over the kitchen floor with a pink marker. Hmm.  I picked him up, told him that was really sad, and put him in his crib for a few minutes.  A minute later he strolled into the kitchen and said, “Got out, Mommy.”  Eek!  I laughed, asked … Continue reading


Well, we’re home.  We spent ten days in California with Chris’s family, and wow, were those days full!   The trip was really wonderful and really difficult and really tiring all packed into one.  Chris’s dad is waging a big war with cancer, and we were grateful to spend some sweet moments encouraging him.  And … Continue reading

First Fire

We roasted those whopper jumbo campfire marshmallows for our first campfire of 2012 tonight.  Oh my word, delicious!  We spotted Orion, the Big Dipper, and a few planes soaring by.  Cole and Max turned roasting sticks into microphones at one point and sang their little hearts out (made up silly songs, of course…) in our … Continue reading

Flyin’ By

Well, seriously.  March feels half over!  We’re gearing up for a 10 day trip to visit Chris’s family in California, and we’ve enjoyed the warm, sunny temperatures.  Max’s basketball love has moved into obsession phase, complete with in-house-dribbling-practice.  Thump, thump, thump.  We follow IU basketball closely, and Max sits closest to the TV.  He knows … Continue reading