We Love Bubba Too

I flew from Chicago to Orange County, California, on Sunday to be with Chris and his family for a special graveside service honoring Bubba.  (A memorial service will be in early May.)  I wrote a post about my favorite father-in-law on his 76th birthday in February, and secretly hoped I wouldn’t write another post about him for a long time. Now, just two months later, he is in heaven and I’m writing another post.   The world lost a wonderful man last week, but heaven gained.

The service for Bubba was beautiful.   A close friend of the family presented a hopeful gospel message, and there was even laughter amidst the sadness.  He would have wanted it that way.   The most special thing for me was the chance I had to meet Chris’s parents’ close friends.   The ones who have stood by them through many years of life.  The ones who would tell you the same things about Bubba that I wrote on his birthday.  And even though many of these people I met for the first time, it didn’t feel that way, because we share a very special person.

Monday afternoon after the service, I happened to glance out the front window of Fred and Judy’s house.  I saw the neighbor kids drawing with sidewalk chalk.  Then I looked more closely and saw their message, “We love you, Bubba!” I grabbed Chris’s mom and ran outside to take a picture…the one picture I took while in California.  It was perfect!  We should’ve written a small “ditto” at the bottom.  We love Bubba, too.


2 thoughts on “We Love Bubba Too

  1. I love you, Anne….Bubba loved you so much…. So glad you have been in our life…Thank you for taking so many good pictures…. I was disappointed when I realized we didn’t get one of you! Love, Judy

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