Hikes & Cones & Lego Dudes

Chris returned home the other day from about a week in California.  He attended a beautiful memorial service in honor of his dad.  The boys and I were sad to miss it.  However, during our week together sans daddy, the boys and I stayed very busy!   We stomped in a creek with friends, we watched the movie Dolphin Tale, played a lot of baseball in the back yard, played at a friend’s house, and baked brownies.  We went for a hike and a picnic at Lake Griffy one afternoon, too, and wow, was it perfect!  Similar to the beach, hiking allows rowdy boys such a healthy balance of fear and freedom.  I hope they always love being outside in God’s creation!  My mom came down for a visit, too, and we took her out for ice cream and the to park.  Zeke wore beads!   We’re so thankful Chris is home, though.  Life is much better with him around :).

And this afternoon we made catapults out of old wood scraps and launched Lego dudes all over our driveway and front yard.  Kept their attention for a long time, and it was really fun.  We will be catapulting again soon!

Oh!  And the boys gave me such wonderful Mother’s Day gifts while Chris was gone.  First, Cole painted a beautiful tote bag at school for me.  Second, all of the boys and Chris made a huge card for me before he left and hid it until Mother’s Day morning.  And third, I took all three boys to Promptcare one afternoon because I had a major splinter in my hand that needed attention.  During our two hours there, C and M played happily together with the iPad, and Zeke fell asleep in my arms for at least 3/4 of the time.  That was a gift!  We got milkshakes afterwards!


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