Posted in June 2012

Frank’s Pizza

Let’s talk about this.  My husband has an entrepreneurial heart, and he has years of experience flipping dough at Lamppost Pizza.  He can throw it up in the air like a pro!  At the start of our life together, he brainstormed and dreamed about Frank’s Pizza, our own delicious pizza joint.  Kind of like Deeds … Continue reading


Yesterday afternoon we experimented with goop!  Start with 1/2 c. cornstarch in a bowl.  Add 1/4 c. colored water and squish together.  Add more cornstarch or water to get a consistency you like.  It should be a solid when you handle it, and then turn back to liquid when your hands let it go.   … Continue reading

Camp Preo

We love our church, ECC.  Our boys do, too.  We love the mission to be a receiving, equipping, and sending church.  We love the relationships built there over the years.  We love Bob’s preaching, because it is gospel-centered and challenges us in our faith.  And, we love that ECC does camp.  Good ‘ol church camp! … Continue reading

Three-part Mission

The boys and I accomplished our three-part mission last week in Indianapolis.  Part one:  Swim a lot! Zeke is quite the water lover.  Part two: Hang out with Uncle Mike, in town for the weekend.  Part three:  Eat a snow cone at Snow World, formerly known as SnoShack in my high school days.  My friend … Continue reading

‘Round Here

Our dishwasher is broken, so while we wait for a new part to arrive, Max and Cole have taken turns helping each night after dinner. We’ve loved some homemade play dough action.  And well, isn’t summer a great time for ditching clothes? We discovered a great way to play with water balloons, too. And last but not … Continue reading

Pancakes & Park Days

Pancakes happen a whole lot more often around here in the summer.  Yum!  My favorite are the ones smashed full of fresh blueberries.  And after my run this morning, they tasted just about perfect.   We met friends at the park for a picnic, too.   I am so grateful for great friends!  We had … Continue reading

Monkeys & Face Paint

Wow.  These boys are way better on the rings than ever before!  They spent all of yesterday afternoon perfecting their tricks, preparing a show for Chris after dinner!  We painted faces for fun yesterday, too.   Summer love.

Laura & The Market

Remember when Laura married Dan last fall?  Well, that Laura came to visit us yesterday!  Dan recently started Physician’s Assistant School in Ft. Wayne, IN, so they live much closer to us now.   His nose will be stuck in books for a while, so she sneaked a getaway to Bloomington.  Love!  We took her … Continue reading

Summa Summa Summa Time

I love the freedom that comes with summer.  LOVE!  Schedules put aside.  Color outside. Drink lemonade and eat popsicles.  Spend a lot of time building trains and reading together.  We’re settling into summa time around here, and it’s been delightful.