Dog Days O’Summer

It’s really hot here.  Blazing!  Our garden needs lots of extra water.  We’ve been picking blackberries and green beans every couple of days, and we’re eagerly awaiting tomatoes.  I just love a home-grown summer tomato!  Mmmm.   While outside we’ve played a lot with water, and even on a rainy day last weekend we kept the slip ‘n slide out for some extra fun.   Cole and Max made up all sorts of moves, including Monster Truck, Doggy Max, and Snake Wiggle.  The one pictured is Cole doing Star Slide.   Chris planned a really fun date last weekend, too.  He took me to a summer concert at IU featuring the Festival Orchestra, conducted by an Austrian man.  It was really amazing music, and I loved getting dressed up!   We visited my grandma a few days ago, too, who is moving (read: downsizing).  So, of course, I brought home some of her treasures, including some old photos of hers.  The one above is of Mike and me, circa 1983.   Truly, we’re ready for this heat to break.  It will soon, I hope!   Until then, bring on the popsicles.


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