Soakin’ It Up

It’s time to soak it up!  School begins 2 weeks from tomorrow!  This is a big year for us.  I guess every year is big, though, right?  Cole starts first grade and Max starts preschool.  So between now and then, we’re making the most of lazy mornings, eating a lot of popsicles, watching the Olympics of course, and squeezing in another quick trip up to Michigan with my family.  Fun!

Around here lately…we sorted coins and rocks during one 100 degree afternoon last week.  C and M just finished swimming lessons round 2 last week too.  They both did great, and ended level 3 by taking the plunge into the diving well.  Tricky moves!  We spent a relaxing weekend at home, including cooler temperatures, a neighborhood walk, cloud spotting and snacking in the backyard, and a trip to the fountains at the IU Jacobs School of Music on campus.   Aaaah, summer.


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