We’ve been a little grumpy since Michigan.  Myself included.  Cole, in an exasperated mood yesterday, drew this and threw it at me yesterday.  He said, “This is You!”  Notice the hearts, the sad face, and a huge orange X crossing out the hearts.  Ouch.

Thankfully, today has been a great day!  One, it’s Chris’s birthday.  More to come on that! Two, Cole and I went to meet his teacher and tour his classroom at University Elementary this afternoon.  He’s in a Grade 1/Grade 2 split class, which I’m thrilled about!   He’s new to this school this year, and so of course I’ve been having crazy dreams and my stomach has been in knots for about a week.  I’m grateful that all of my questions were answered today!  Will Cole know anyone?  Yes!  Another boy from kindergarten and a girl from church are in his class.  Will he get lost between the bus and the classroom?  No!  The classroom is just inside the bus entry doors.  Will he be nervous?  No again!  He warmed right up to the fish and hamsters in his classroom, said hello to his teacher, and then said, “Okay, mom, let’s get a t-shirt and check out the library.”  Truly, I have zero worries left after today.  What a relief!   School starts on Monday!


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