Max’s Day

Max started preschool today!  He will go to the green class three mornings every week.  He counted down the days to #22 (August 22), and it’s even more special because Leighton is here.   This morning, he asked for supplies to draw a picture for both of his teachers and wanted two ziploc baggies to give them each two cookies.   While there, Max decorated his writing journal, painted three pictures, dug around in the moon sand,  and looked at a book about a superhero named Max.  He delivered his goodies, too!

After preschool, he and I stopped at the store to buy supplies to make Jolly Rancher lollipops.  A perfect project for Max, the guy who loves all things colorful and sweet!  We made them with Leighton and Zeke right away, and he ate one for dessert after lunch.
Chris took the day off today, and when Cole found out last night he was pretty bummed.  Why couldn’t he take a day off school?  He asked for a sticky note this morning first thing, and a few minutes later he handed me this.   Ha!


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