The Littles

M and Z and I have a lot of time together now that C is in school all day.  It’s been fun!  We’ve met friends at the park a few times and played a lot in the back yard thanks to such wonderful weather.   The afternoons are much quieter now that C isn’t here to talk (read: fight, poke, bother) to M during resting time!   Cole is loving first grade, too!   His favorite things, of course, are the fitness trail at recess, lunch, P.E., and music.  He likes his classroom gerbils, too.

The picture of Zeke is from Fun Friday last weekend.  We had our first campfire since May or so.   We celebrated the end of Cole’s first week of school with roasted marshmallows!  Zeke covered his face and said, “I will do this when the ‘moke comes to me.”  He’s just hilarious :).


One thought on “The Littles

  1. Oh, stop it!!! I just can’t handle the cuteness of that last picture!! Unbelievably adorable.
    P.S. And the Jolly Rancher lollies!! We are totally going to do that….the teenagers will love them (not to mention Carlie!)

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