Posted in September 2012

Library Dates

I’ve hit a new level, folks, and it’s a great one.  I can take Zeke to the library without leaving sweaty.  We’ve been almost every week together on a preschool day for Max, so maybe it’s just that he’s getting used to it?  Whatever the reason, his heart or his shoes…I mean, whatever the reason, … Continue reading

Soccer, Apples, Dancing, and Snack Mix!

Fun Friday:  IU men’s soccer match.   Go Hoosiers!  After Max’s soccer practice on Saturday, we headed to Applacres to pick apples. Zeke picked a bunch!  Here.  Have an apple!  Inspecting the apples for dents.  Only keep the good ones!  We celebrated our dear friend Anne’s birthday at Mike’s Dance Barn on Saturday night.  Lots … Continue reading


This was our weekend, via Instagram.  Skateboarding, bike riding, a 5K for me (fastest ever!), first soccer practice of the season for Max (lefty!), and some good old fashioned water play with back yard goodies.  We went to a friend’s birthday party one afternoon and sneaked in a date on Saturday night, too.  It was … Continue reading

Settlin’ In

I’m relieved to say that we are settling into this new school routine.  Finally.  The first few weeks were rocky!  Cole’s kindergarten was play-based (and awesome!), so this year is a bigger deal.  Write your name on every paper.  Number your paper for a spelling test.  Write clearly because how else will someone understand what … Continue reading