Settlin’ In

I’m relieved to say that we are settling into this new school routine.  Finally.  The first few weeks were rocky!  Cole’s kindergarten was play-based (and awesome!), so this year is a bigger deal.  Write your name on every paper.  Number your paper for a spelling test.  Write clearly because how else will someone understand what you’re communicating?  Combine that with Cole being in a 1st and 2nd grade combined class, and he’s jumped into a challenging environment.   Lots of learning to do, and not just academics!   Ms. Scott seems to be a great fit for Cole, though.   She’s very warm, encouraging, and experienced with multi-age classes.  She is taking the kids to a local one-room schoolhouse at the end of September, and she hosts a monthly Sticker Sale!  Kids earn stickers for all kinds of things, and at the end of the month they cash in.   I’ve seen Cole’s confidence in reading and writing grow even over these last three weeks.  Just last night I found him in bed with a notebook, pencil, and flashlight doing extra credit math homework.  He wrote a letter to Uncle Mike the other day, too, and has been very receptive to a little homework incentive deal we have going at home.

Speaking of homework.  The hardest thing about this new school routine for me is establishing one.  It’s taken these first few weeks to figure out a good rhythm after school and through the evening so everyone is happy.  Oh, to keep everyone happy!   Today, though, was so encouraging!  So encouraging I knew I needed a picture to remember!  All three boys had a snack, and all three boys worked on something at the kitchen table.  Nicely!  Cole worked on spelling words while Max and Zeke colored and drew.  There was time for dinner, time to play, and time to read before bed.  Whew!

Oh!  Zeke’s art.  I asked him to tell me about his art, and he told me to top picture was a lake and the bottom picture was a firework.  So colorful!


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