Soccer, Apples, Dancing, and Snack Mix!

Fun Friday:  IU men’s soccer match.   Go Hoosiers! 
After Max’s soccer practice on Saturday, we headed to Applacres to pick apples. Zeke picked a bunch!  Here.  Have an apple! 
Inspecting the apples for dents.  Only keep the good ones! 
We celebrated our dear friend Anne’s birthday at Mike’s Dance Barn on Saturday night.  Lots of line dancing fun! 

We spent Sunday at my parents’ house with my mom’s side of the family.  Football, real Italian lasagna, and world famous snack mix.  Truly, my mom is a master snack mixer. This one includes Cheez-its, Milk Duds, almonds, pretzel goldfish, M&M’s, candy corn, mini peanut butter cups, Hot Tamales, Cocoa Puffs cereal, and mmm, I think that’s it.  Delicious!

And of course, we loved seeing Mike and Zoe while they were in town.  Cole had a hard time saying goodbye, so we took a picture so he can keep it with his special things.  Such a sweet boy!  


2 thoughts on “Soccer, Apples, Dancing, and Snack Mix!

  1. Oh. My. GOSH!!! I LOVE the snack mix idea!
    Ever heard of Boo Baskets? You put together one or two trick-or-treat baskets with candy, treats, anything silly that had to do with Halloween! It’s so fun to find one on your doorstep, let alone being the one who makes them! I’ve attatched the officcial website for the Boo Baskets here:

    Print out one of the sheets (your choice, they all say the same thing!) and leave it with the basket on a neigbor friend’s doorstep. Ring the bell, and then run away. They’ll never know who sent it!

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