Library Dates

I’ve hit a new level, folks, and it’s a great one.  I can take Zeke to the library without leaving sweaty.  We’ve been almost every week together on a preschool day for Max, so maybe it’s just that he’s getting used to it?  Whatever the reason, his heart or his shoes…I mean, whatever the reason, I’m grateful Zeke and I have library dates.

See that little bald spot on the left side of his head?  It’s a birthmark.  People usually think that whoever cut his hair screwed up, but nope.  God put it there just for him.

Last thing.  A rundown of what we’ve been into lately.  Audio stories, especially The Grinch, Strega Nona, Danny and the Dinosaur, and The Gingerbread Man.  Making art.  Crayons, paper, cutting, glue.  Halloween costume brainstorming.  Darth Vader.  Spiderman.  A king.  A ghost.   Pancakes.  At least once a week and the leftovers in the toaster.  And we’ve been really into reading books in the closet in the boys’ room with flashlights.   Especially the Elephant and Piggie books by Mo Willems.  They’re hilarious! And maybe I’ve been sneaking in a little Christmas music.  Mmhmm.


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