Frankly Married

Chris and I celebrated our ten year anniversary last week on October 5.  Ten years, seriously?!  The boys hung out with my parents for the weekend, and Chris and I dashed over to Hocking Hills, OH, to hike and relax and visit with a close friend of Chris’s mom.  It was beautiful and very relaxing!   We had a lot of time to reflect on the highlights and lowlights of our last ten years, and to dream toward the future.  I am grateful for Chris.  Grateful for the awesome and grateful for the crap (most of the time…let’s be real, folks).  Grateful to God for these ten years.  I am ten years the better because I said yes to Chris Frank!


One thought on “Frankly Married

  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed your get away… Dad (Fred) and I have been so proud of the two of you. You both are so special…and I love you very much…

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