Big Kid


Well, we officially have a big kid around here.  I’ve been resisting admitting it!   Last week, Cole gave us the grand tour of his school during the open house.  He confidently introduced us to his teachers and his class gerbils!  He showed off his writing and science journals, and we ate pizza for dinner in the cafeteria.   We had our fall parent/teacher conference a few days ago, too.  Ms. Scott had great things to say about Cole’s personality and progress, and we were so encouraged.

The icing on the big kid cake, though, is that Cole moved into his very own bedroom last weekend.  It’s not complete yet, but we’re almost there!  He picked out new bedding (the bed is mine from high school!), and is loving displaying his Lego creations on his bookshelf.   I hot glued some clothes pins on an old frame and spray painted it orange to match his new sheets, so now we can rotate his artwork on the wall.    We still need to give the walls some love, but as far as Cole is concerned, this is a little bit of heaven!


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