My Real Life

A snapshot from my real life.

Last week our bathroom started flooding.  We stopped it.  It happened again on Friday and then the boys’ bathroom flooded on Saturday.  On that same day, our basement started flooding.  We were really wet.  After hours of Chris being the Indiana Jones of plumbing, we still couldn’t resolve the issue.  So with no working toilets, we headed to the Mahrts’ house for dinner and a sleepover.   After dinner, the boys were playing football in the basement while I helped clean up dinner upstairs and I heard it.  The shriek.  Then Chris carried Max upstairs, both covered in blood, and I knew.  Max had crashed into the concrete fireplace hearth and had a pretty serious head wound.  So…off to Urgent Care we went.  At that point we were extremely grateful to be at the Mahrts, because it was so easy to leave C and Z there.   Max was so brave and took the pain like a champ (with his blankie!).  Four stitches, a bunch of stickers, and one M&M milkshake later, he was back to normal.  We did wake him a few times that first night, though, just to be sure of no other head injury.  Whew.  The plumber came Sunday morning, and now our toilets are back to normal too.  There were old, dead roots clogging the main sewer line from our house out to the street.  Ick.

So yesterday we stayed in our jammies all day, carved pumpkins, and cleaned the bathrooms.   I was really happy to start a brand new day this morning!  Today has been uneventful.  Aaahhhh.


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