Crazy Wild

This week C and M and I took a trip to the dentist.  Starbucks afterward!

On Election Day, Cole had no school.  So, he set to work and made a Lego blender and actually used it to froth up Chris’s mocha.

A friend of mine brought her kids over the other day and Zeke asked to hold her baby.  He seemed excited about it until it actually happened, and as you can see, not so thrilled.

Well.  Fall has been crazy wild for our family, and so I only have Instagram photos to share.   Chris in the middle of redoing our bathroom (and working…).  There’s the regular stuff like school, cooking, laundry, and spending time with friends.   Is this what life with growing kids is turning out to be like?  Crazy wild?  Everyone has something.  A birthday party.  Some emotional phase to handle.  The dentist.  A soccer game.  Potty training to get to.   A parent/teacher conference.  Holiday plans.  Good things.  Priorities.  So many of them.   Days fly.  I want to be proactive and present in this time, not reactive and scattered.   It’s hard, though.  So hard when I want clean, organized, and calm.   My priorities are skewed.  I don’t have many more little-kids-at-home years, and I want to make them count.  So Max and I are about to bake cookies and melt some beads on the grill (gift making!).   The crumbs and dust can wait.


One thought on “Crazy Wild

  1. I’ve never met a more devoted wife and mother. You are amazing! I’m so proud to have you for my daughter-in-law. Your family is blessed! Love, Judy

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