Posted in December 2012

daredevils, oh my

my dad built a snow run down their front yard yesterday.  at first, the boys did some good ol’ fashioned normal sledding.  then, they asked for helmets.  yikes!  they proceeded to snowboard down the homemade ramp, and mostly stayed on their feet!   i love their facial expressions when they’re having a blast, and i … Continue reading

Snow Day!

The snow fell Thursday night and school was cancelled on Friday!  Whoopee!  By 8:45 a.m. we were out in the backyard sledding, making snow angels, and throwing snow all over.  It was chilly!  That afternoon, we got out some art supplies and I said, “let’s make something that reminds us of Christmas.”  So Cole made … Continue reading

For Sale

Yes!  Officially, our house went on the market yesterday.  We’re hoping to find a house here in Bloomington that fits our family better.  We’re outgrowing our current little red house, but oh, it has been so wonderful for us for the past five and a half years!  The search is on!

Singing, Stories & Crafting

Cole sang in our church’s Christmas program last week!  It was a first for him to do anything like that, and we were really proud of his initiative.   We celebrated Christmas later that day with my mom’s side of the family, so it was a really fun Sunday! Cole has been a folding machine … Continue reading

Grinch Punch

Oh my holy deliciousness.  We drank green Grinch Punch the other night and watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas.  It was a hit!  (Thx Pinterest.)  We dipped glasses in green sprinkles and then added lime sherbet and Sprite.   Everyone had seconds, and we made some more the next day.  Orange, pink, and blue punch … Continue reading

Happy Birthday

Zeke’s little 2 year-old buddies and their moms partied with us this morning!  We celebrated Jesus’s birthday!  It was Zeke’s idea, and we went with it.  We had cake, wore party hats, sang, and blew out candles.  Zeke has been so excited for the party he has been shouting “Jesus is born!”  over and over … Continue reading

Cookie Day!

I learned from my mom about baking and giving.  Growing up (and still), not a Christmas went by without frosting cookies with Christmas tunes blaring in the background.   And for the last several years, my mom and some of her friends have cranked out over a thousand delicious cookies to deliver to friends and … Continue reading

Bathroom Project

Chris is the MAN.  After weeks of work and help from some friends, this bathroom sparkles!  He got rid of the rotten floor, gross shower door, three old layers of linoleum, tacky vinyl baseboards, and the blue sea shell sink.  Now, there is a new shower door, new floor and linoleum, new baseboards, and new … Continue reading

Our Singer

Zeke is quite the singer.  It’s so much fun!  Shhh…we bought him a microphone for Christmas.  Fa la la la la, la la la la….


It’s time!  This year I made my own version of an advent wreath.  It lives on our kitchen table, and so far the boys are smitten.   We’ve been lighting the candles at least once a day, just because they can’t wait until Sunday.  (Sidenote:  Candles significantly decrease the volume at mealtimes.  I’m an advocate.) … Continue reading