Posted in January 2013

organize me, please

Before today, the boys’ artwork sat in piles in our basement storage room.  The perfectionist in me cringed every time I caught a glimpse!  At least it was in three piles, one for each boy.  So not long ago I started brainstorming for simple and inexpensive ways to organize the boys’ artwork and schoolwork.  My … Continue reading

the goings on…

mancala: a big hit (my kitchen doesn’t look that color really…) sorting and organizing crafty things:  my afternoon passtime loving the little years: read it if you haven’t yet open gym: so grateful cole’s hula skills: incredible (seriously?! who knew?)

Lightning Speed

Shocked!  We are, that’s for sure.   Since Max’s birthday, and after a handful of showings this past week, our house sold and we made an offer on a new house.  BAM!   Lightning speed.


Yes, it happened today.  Max turned 5!  In typical Max fashion, he wore jammies all day.  Put clothes over the top for a trip to the arcade with Chris and Cole.  Decorated his own cake this morning after breakfast.   Played Wii Donkey Kong a little longer than usual, and took on Chris, my dad, … Continue reading

New Year’s Day

The snow this winter is amazing!  It’s thick, heavy, and white.  We ventured out this morning for a New Year’s Day hike at a nature preserve close by.  It was quiet.  It was empty.   We had a wonderful time together.  We even spread some bird seed.  After all, birds can celebrate a new year … Continue reading

Vacation or Bust?!

Well, we planned and prepared for a trip to Northern Michigan right after Christmas with my family.  We packed, woke up early, and set off thinking we just might drive out of the major blizzard after about an hour.  Hmm, nope.   Instead, we turned around, hit up the Starbucks drive-thru, and headed back to … Continue reading