organize me, please


Before today, the boys’ artwork sat in piles in our basement storage room.  The perfectionist in me cringed every time I caught a glimpse!  At least it was in three piles, one for each boy.  So not long ago I started brainstorming for simple and inexpensive ways to organize the boys’ artwork and schoolwork.  My best artwork solution for now is this:  Fold a heavy duty poster board in half and staple it along the sides.  Decorate, insert worthy artwork and voila!  Flat, personalized storage.  My plan is for these folders to house the artwork that has overstayed its’ welcome on our walls but still keep-worthy.  I’ve already realized that Cole’s folder will only hold his work from his early years through first grade.  So I’ll be heading back to Target when he starts second grade in August for Cole’s Art folder #2.  Good thing poster board is only 97 cents!  I have a schoolwork organization plan, too, but that’s for another post.  Happy Friday!


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