Posted in February 2013

pics & my new favorite snack

It’s rainy and cold outside today.  Blah, blah.  A good day to pack boxes, yes.  A good day to drink lemon zinger with honey and watch a few extra episodes of The Berenstain Bears.  Mhmm, yes please. We’ve been bowling lately.  And hiking and bike riding too.  Cole lost tooth #5 last week.  I spent … Continue reading


We sent Happy Birthday wishes on balloons up to Chris’s dad in heaven yesterday. Such a sweet moment to celebrate as a family in our backyard.  We miss Bubba!  He would’ve celebrated 77 years of life on earth.  Instead, he’s celebrating a different kind of birthday.  An eternity with Jesus; no more suffering.  A happy … Continue reading

heart week

It’s heart week!  Max and I baked heart cookies on Monday to give away.  Everyone helped decorate…we love decorating cookies around here.   Zeke still needs his own knife and bowl of frosting because, well, you know.  He double dips and licks to the zillionth degree.   And yesterday I cleaned out some of the … Continue reading


We’re walking through some very frustrating house buying and selling issues, grrr.  So yesterday, we took a day trip to Louisville to have some fun together!  We had to be out of our house for several hours anyway, so we thought why not?!  We explored the Kentucky Science Center for most of the afternoon.  The … Continue reading


Max gets to go to the IU vs. Nebraska game on Wednesday night.  He’s been counting the days!  You don’t have to talk to Max for very long to catch his basketball fever.  We constantly hear this: Who’s playing?  Which team is better?  How many points did Cody Zeller get last night?   Why did … Continue reading

artist, yes he is

Cole’s art stuns me sometimes.  Full of color and story.  Bright and detailed.  I realize he’s only a first-grader.  I realize that, like most things, he’s just learning.  To see the joy on his face, though, when he skips off the bus with his latest creation…that’s the best part.   He’s quick to describe the … Continue reading

snowy days

It snowed.  Again.  Thankfully, the boys love sledding, sliding, making angels, and throwing snowballs.  Even some snowy football happened this weekend!  It’s chilly, yes, but with warm snow gear and enough running around, we can last a long time outside and have a lot of fun!

Super Bowl Party

Our boys love a party.  On Friday after school I asked the boys what they knew about the Super Bowl, and Max quickly replied, “It’s when you make my favorite dip!”  So from that point on, we made plans for our own mini Super Bowl Party.  And if you’re anything like us, you know that … Continue reading