artist, yes he is


Cole’s art stuns me sometimes.  Full of color and story.  Bright and detailed.  I realize he’s only a first-grader.  I realize that, like most things, he’s just learning.  To see the joy on his face, though, when he skips off the bus with his latest creation…that’s the best part.   He’s quick to describe the skills he’s learned and supplies he’s used.  Actually, we’ve been watching this creativity grow since he was just small and building with blocks.  Cole has an eye, a special eye for invention.  A new function for a part, a new name for a vehicle, a new spin on the way a game could be played.  Imagine how God could take Cole’s creativity and use it for His glory, one project at a time.


2 thoughts on “artist, yes he is

  1. I love this post. The artwork is amazing, for sure. Not just a mother’s pride, but truly special. But what I really like is the way the post is written so descriptively. “Full of color and story,” just like his Mama 🙂

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