We’re walking through some very frustrating house buying and selling issues, grrr.  So yesterday, we took a day trip to Louisville to have some fun together!  We had to be out of our house for several hours anyway, so we thought why not?!  We explored the Kentucky Science Center for most of the afternoon.  The water area was great fun for the boys; racing boats, controlling water flow, and playing  at the huge water wall.   We loved the mirrors, too, making crazy poses in the shadow room, and the spot to cover your body with one huge bubble.  Refreshing, to say the least!   Then we ate at Smash Burger, a place Chris has been dying to try for a while.  Yum!  And as we drove home, we reflected on how super the boys had been all day.  No fighting, no bossy voices, no whining, and…no diapers!!  I didn’t even think to bring one, and only on the drive home did it dawn on me that Zeke has really grown up!  It was a fantastic day, and we are grateful.  Now back to the details of the houses…

(I had a really great hair day yesterday, too, which helped my attitude a lot :).  It’s the small things, yes?!)


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