pics & my new favorite snack

IMG_5071 IMG_5096 IMG_5099 IMG_5108 IMG_5125 IMG_5145 IMG_5148 IMG_5150

It’s rainy and cold outside today.  Blah, blah.  A good day to pack boxes, yes.  A good day to drink lemon zinger with honey and watch a few extra episodes of The Berenstain Bears.  Mhmm, yes please.

We’ve been bowling lately.  And hiking and bike riding too.  Cole lost tooth #5 last week.  I spent an evening going through old notes and cards and memories.  I kept the best ones, and used rings to make memory books.  I love organizing projects.  Love!   The boxes are being packed as we get closer and closer to moving.  Yahoo!  It’s looking like we will move in just two weeks!   For Fun Friday last week we took a trip to Campus Candy and it didn’t disappoint!   Confession:  Mine was gone first.  The boys in our family are much better at rationing their goods.

Last, and maybe more important, picture in this post?  My new favorite snack.  Apples and peanut butter yogurt dip.  The dip is 1 c. vanilla yogurt, 2 T. peanut butter, 1-2 t. honey, and a dash of cinnamon.  Mix and dip!  You won’t have leftovers, I promise. And you just might not want to share, either!


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